Wednesday, June 16, 2004

hope unlooked for

When such notable hate-monger conservative press as Pat Buchanan's The American Conservative starts printing articles condemning Abu Ghraib, the total lack of conscience the US is showing over that issue, and Bush's complete failure as a president, it's enough to make me go take a look. They're still complete whackjobs, mind you, but the current administration scares me so much that I'm willing to entertain the idea that in the short term the enemy of my enemy might be my friend.

The magazine is full of self-righteous hate speech - they don't even try to hide it. It seems like almost every article finds some way to take a jab at the Jews or the 'towel heads' or basically anyone who isn't a radically conservative white American Christian nutcase. That they should turn on the 'neocons' does not really surprise me, because 'neocon' is just a politically-correct term for 'fascist' as it is being practiced by the Bush camp. That they would turn against Bush specifically surprised me a little, because sheep tend to follow anything that looks like a shepherd, and the 'rally round the flag' factor is still in play. But when Buchanan sits down with Ralph Nader to discuss Nader as a possible candidate for disenfranchised conservatives, I'm not sure if I'm reading the news or The Onion. (Not like there's been much difference between the two for the past few years - The Onion just tells the same story as the mainstream news, but they put it into a perspective where it is obvious how crazy it is).

Interestingly enough, one of the articles says the following (in relation to the Iraqi 'rebellion'):

If only George W. Bush had read Lawrence of Arabia, rather than Wolfowitz of Mesopotamia, he would have known that Lawrence recruited many a man to fight against the Turks, all of whom eventually turned against the Brits once the hated Johnny Turk had been sent packing back to Istanbul. That history repeats itself is a cliché, but a hell of a good one.

Though I am given hope by the sight of conservatives abandoning Bush, I don't really have much hopes for reconciliation - I'm aware that even if we were to magically work towards a common goal in this next election, they'd turn around and bite us right after. But the hope that their defection engenders in me that Bush will be gone is too good to ignore.

All of this assumes, of course, that Bush doesn't cancel the elections for national security purposes, doesn't pull an already-captured Osama (remember him?) out of the hat for an October surprise (or worse, a 9/11 surprise), and doesn't rig the elections... I'm not sure whether or not that is too much to hope for. I do know that I'm disgusted that so many Americans (myself included) just take for granted the possibility/probability that Bush will make a grab for power that defies the will of the people.