Friday, May 28, 2004

truth, justice, OR the american way

I recently posted an entry about the way online news sources change or even remove stories that might be politically sensitive, and how the folks at The Memory Hole archive all of it in an attempt to slow down the almost instantaneous historical revision that makes Americans feel better about the horrendous acts their country commits. This sort of service is becoming more and more relevant, since the Bush administration acts pretty fast to cover up their indiscretions. Not that it matters a whole lot, since most Americans are sheep who forgot that 'democracy' is the opposite of 'go where you are led'... it sickens and amazes me that the conservatives in this country have managed to convince themselves that unthinking allegiance to despots is patriotic - 'straight-ticket' voters have more in common with fascism than democracy.

The Bush administration has done many things that I would consider unAmerican, so it doesn't surprise me much when something like today's news pops up: access to The Memory Hole, a site that merely documents official governmental releases for comparison with the revised and redacted versions that come later, has been blocked for US Army personnel serving in Iraq. After all, it wouldn't do to let them know that back home we're figuring out that the reasons they were sent over there turned out to be lies.

This is just one more instance of the contempt this administration has shown for the citizens and soldiers of this country. Isn't anyone getting tired of flagwaving yet, when it's almost like our government is going down a list of ideals this country supposedly stands for, and crossing them off one by one? Hello?