Saturday, May 29, 2004

they're coming right for us

Riiiight... apparently the 'Homeland Security Department' isn't doing a good enough job of frightening US citizens into accepting absurd legislation (and extralegal activities) in Ashcroft's eyes. It seems the HSD was surprised to hear the announcement that Al Queda was going to attack within the US, especially since they are the ones in charge of giving out those announcements. The news conference in which Ashcroft and Mueller exercised their homegrown brand of terrorism excluded Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge - not the first time this administration has sidestepped official channels (even ones they themselves set up) to further their agenda.

But even so I guess the message is clear: they want you to be afraid, be very afraid... I just think that as long as you're being all fearful and everything, you should be afraid of Ashcroft as well, perhaps even more than you should fear the fanciful and uncoordinated terrors they are using to wrest control of the country away from, well, the country.

Wow... our very own fascists running the nation. I had hoped I wouldn't live long enough to see that happen. Hopefully a few years from now it will all just seem like a faded memory of a nightmare.