Friday, May 28, 2004

moore adventures forthcoming

Finally... someone in the movie industry grew a pair and worked out the bullshit preventing the release of Michael Moore's new film 'Fahrenheit 9/11'. Disney/Miramax wimped out on it, though you've got to admit they do have a point in being afraid of some sort of retribution from the Bush dynasty. I am at a loss, however, to explain how we can all accept that and still pretend we've got free speech in this country.

Anyway, kudos to the Weinstein brothers, who conservatives think are leftyhollywoodgoddamjews anyway so they've got nothing to lose, for taking on this project. They formed a company (Fellowship Adventure Group... F.A.G.??? wha???) to handle the deal, and all of the costs and liabilities fall on them. Any profits that would have gone to Disney or Mirimax will be donated to charities to prevent them from being tainted by liberal money.

I've seen Moore's movies, read his books, and even heard him speak a few times, and though I often think he's being a bit reactionary I think it is possible that his position is as extreme as it is because it is in opposition to something that is even more extreme.

Update: fuck, why do I even write these things when the folks at Defamer do it so much better?

Harvey Weinstein: "Okay, is everyone on the line? Good. Eisner, nice job, you totally seemed like a tax-break mongering douchebag. Moore, you went to Cannes, won that silly prize from Quentin, and made a suitably big stink. Bob and I get to look like all-time champs of free speech. I think that about covers it. See you boys at the Oscars."