Thursday, May 27, 2004

life, death, stolen thunder

The March/April issue of Clamor has a piece by Sharon Wachsler where she talks about the socially ignored aggression young girls display towards each other... she refers to Rachel Simmons' book Odd Girl Out as the catalyst for her personal introspection on the issue. But that's only peripherally what this post is about.

By way of introducing her situation, Sharon says

Lately I have been very ill. I have a chronic illness, so in itself that's not too shocking. However, the devastating level of sickness I've experienced lately is akin to when I was first felled by illness and could only lie still for days on end, coming to grips with the challenge of not doing a thing, but simply being. Letting thoughts sift through my mind, my body so demonstrably fragile, has led me to think about death -- not to wish for it, not to fear it, but just to feel its closeness.

I wanted to write an update on how I am doing, but Sharon said it so clearly and so simply and I don't think I could do it any better. Maybe tomorrow.