Wednesday, May 05, 2004

How do we know we love Mother Russia?

... because Mother Russia tells us we love Mother Russia. Part II

Disney executives have forbidden the distribution of Michael Moore's new film by their Mirimax Division because they fear retribution (in the form of fewer tax-breaks for their holdings in Florida) from Governor Jeb Bush. This, to me, isn't even surprising any more... the Republicans were already known for their dirty tricks before the current administration, and the fact that NONE OF YOU FUCKING SHEEP woke up when they put that assclown in the Whitehouse has emboldened them to the point that they don't even feel the need to hide it anymore. Think about it... land of the free, freedom of press, freedom of speech, fear that speech critical of government figures will result in retribution (like when Joseph Wilson did his job and reported the truth as he saw it, that there was no weapons threat sufficient to justify the Iraq invasion, and the administration compromised his wife's identity as an undercover CIA agent)... which of these things just doesn't belong here?

By the way, can we stop pretending that the weapons had anything at all to do with the attack on Iraq? Seeing so many adults maintain such a flimsy charade for so long is tiring me out, people... give it up. Things would be so much easier if Bush & Co would just admit that they are hateful and corrupt... it wouldn't surprise anyone, and such candor might even win them the respect of many Republicans.