Tuesday, May 18, 2004

head like a hole

Trent Reznor just updated his Nine Inch Nails site (btw: that doesn't just look like typewriter letters, every link is a little picture of typed words) with an access page that includes answers to questions people have sent him:


i've noticed that you now have links to chomsky and moveon.org in the resources section. in the past you expressed little interest, if not outright apathy when it comes to politics. does the addition of these links indicate anything in terms of your lyrical direction for the new album? or is it merely a reflection of a newfound political awareness or awakening?

response from trent:

today's political climate does not allow the luxury of apathy.


Found that link over at Six Different Ways, which also had a piece about Bush's approval rating... *this* picture better mean *more* than a thousand words, it better mean millions of people getting off their asses and voting.

off-road all-terrain preidential approval rating

Of course, according to the White House, Bush doesn't need to worry about the election: USNews reports that the administration 'expects' one or more terrorist attacks leading up to the election, and they've been busy working up plans for how to deal with it. Various reports list ideas from martial law to just not having elections. See that big spike on the graph? On 9/10, even the Republicans knew GWB was a fucktard. They still knew it a week later, too, but people tend to rally 'round the flag (that's what it's there for, actually), and the graph could spike again if it seems that there is something worse happening to the country than what our idiot president is doing to it. Considering the hornet's nest Bush has made out of US-Islamic affairs, I wouldn't be surprised if that's his entire re-election plan: just wait for someone to bail him out again, just like the rest of his life.

...and we've always got the somewhat less-publicized mess Bush has made of North Korea if some miracle occurs and the billion pissed-off muslims decide to play it cool.