Monday, May 24, 2004

The emperor has no clue

So Bush decided not to attend his daughters graduations, and tried to make it look like he was doing everyone a favor. As usual, there's some insightful commentary from Six Different Ways, whose link to the article is tagged "they even lie about little things". Of course they do.

Laura Bush said the necessary madness of presidential security is too much to impose on the parents of other graduates... On Friday, however, the president gave a commencement address at Louisiana State University. Yeah, right. He just didn't want to endure the huge protests and all the boos an appearance at both UT and Yale would bring. Pussy.

Bush is in the paradoxical position of needing to mingle with the commoners to stump for re-election while hoping to avoid any actual contact that would expose him to criticism. If his handlers have more than a brain cell between them they'll do everything they can to keep the idiot as far away from cameras and microphones as possible right up to the elections. Especially when he looks like shit after getting beat up by a bicycle while enjoying yet another one of his record-breaking vacation days. (We should be grateful, as a nation, that it wasn't another terrorist pretzel attack.)