Thursday, May 20, 2004

ball of dirt is like Lonely Planet for the people: it's a free service that lets you publish your itinerary, photos, travel notes, journals, stories, tips, and maps on the web.

Your friends and family can follow your travels and see things through your eyes as you travel around with automatic email alerts- no need to write long boring group emails... You can also use it to research ideas for travel, or just show off your photos.

You can browse through what other people have put up already, or start an account and document that dream vacation to Prague you've been holding off for so long.

Seriously, this is a great idea... on our last Green Tortoise trip to Baja, I set up a Yahoo group that had about a tenth of the relevant functionality that BallOfDirt provides. It looks like a great way to keep in touch with the folks back home, learn about places you'd like to go (or avoid), and document your trip for all time with less hassle.