Friday, April 02, 2004

they'll probably hang him for this

Tom Daschle's speech to the Senate a few days ago speaks rather plainly about the abuses of power that are becoming epidemic in the Bush administration. Interestingly, he notes that the administration is aiming the majority of its personal attacks at Republicans who dare to tell the truth, rather than at their historical enemies the Democrats. I would not be surprised in the least if he ends up sleeping with the fishes over this one.

Bush has almost singlehandedly changed this country in ways that are so glaringly WRONG that I just about puke every time I see an American flag. I'm sick of being sick over this... would somebody please just make the bad man go away? There's an election coming up, that gives us the perfect opportunity to change things. No, I don't think that any other president will be free of corruption (regardless of which party they belong to), but at the very least lets try to get someone in the White House that doesn't hold the people of this country in such obvious disdain.