Friday, April 23, 2004

the ballad of sickboy

Sorry I've been in absentia for awhile... it's just that my life is so filled with joy that I hardly have time to sit down, let alone update my webpage.

I wish.

Anne-Marie's recovery was not as uneventful as we had hoped, and she's now on a two-week regimen of some nasty antibiotics to make sure her neck heals without incident. I thought my life was fuct - the stuff they are giving her is so strong that they can't administer it using conventional means without causing her more harm, so they threaded a 'picc line' up her arm and directly into her heart, so the drug is quickly dispersed and diluted throughout her entire circulatory system. Even using this method the drug is still so strong that a little machine must be used to slowly squeeze the syringe over the course of an hour or so. As if any more proof was needed, this just reinforces my belief that Anne-Marie is much tougher than me... I would just fucking die if this happened to me.

My own health has been a subject of concern as well... I visited the neurologist, who assured me that I have a sound and healthy nervous system, and he even gave me the MRI films to prove it. This cast me into a deep depression, as I had been holding onto the hope that my chronic pain might finally be given a distinct and operable diagnosis like a tumor... hell, even a diagnosis of cancer would bring me some relief. These endless days of unaccredited pain are driving me nuts.

There is a new hope however: the pain-management doc tried a celiac plexus diagnostic nerve block that brought me quite a bit of relief for a night. This implies that the problem is visceral, which throws the ball back into the GI doc's court. Hopefully I'll be getting an MRI of my guts soon and they can figure out what the fuck is causing all of the pain, and fix it so I can get some rest. Until then, Anne-Marie and I are nursing each other through the rough bits, one day at a time. Joy, joy, joy.