Monday, March 08, 2004

Seattle joins the fray

The city of Seattle is recognizing gay marriages... the Christian Coalition, as expected, got their panties in a bunch, but one gets the impression they like it that way so we'll just leave them be. I suspect that some of the cities that are granting licenses do so out of fear of litigation; some do so as a way of advertising their city; and who knows, some might actually do it because the consensus narrative of their people says it is time for new laws and less prejudice.

I find myself hoping that this is sign that America does not have its head as far up its ass as Bush makes it seem it does... and I hope he continues to bluster and thump his little bible and rant about this, right the fuck out of the White House.

'I hope'... I don't say those words very often. But I hope that Bush does not win the election, because he's been pretty effective at disenfranchising Americans and generating hatred, and there's quite a number of people who are visibly aligned against him on the issue of gay marriage. The Republicans have shown that they are vengeful and spiteful and inordinately interested in how everyone else lives their lives, and they believe they have divine sanction for their acts... not a good combination if you fall on the other side of the fence, which is getting harder and harder not to do as they press themselves further and further to the right. I hope that things work out such that more people are able to live the lives they wish without any unnecessary meddling from their fellow citizens. I am not going to hold my breath, but I will hope.