Monday, March 08, 2004

perspective and pizza and planes, oh my

I just read Richard Caetano's blog for the first time and came across this gem, which sounds like maybe his connection to The Matrix is glitching:

I started an anecdotal experiment a few months ago. It really started out of the frustration of media trying to capture my eyeballs. My response was to ignore it, as much of it as possible. "It" started out as banner ads, commercials, billboards, and other "in your face" advertising. Once the action of ignoring it became unconscious I started noticing my self ignoring other forms of media: general television, radio, talk shows, news.

As I became "detached" from popular media several social changes followed. The obvious changes were lack of pop-culture knowledge in group conversations and not being current with the world or politics, current events, and products.

However the more interesting effect was less obvious. I began developing a kind of third perspective of my participation in society. I saw that my well being was becoming less dependent on external matters and found it coming from the inside.

I found this to be an epiphany. I mean think about it. How often do we find ourselves chasing happiness?

There's more there, worth reading, plus he's got some good recipes for pizza dough and notes on his flight lessons. A real renaissance man :)