Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Google's empire expanding, again

Wow, Google is just cranking out the good ideas these days... they've decided to get into the free email business, competing with Hotmail and Yahoo. Their 'hook': while Hotmail gives you 2MB of email storage (and deletes your account after a month of inactivity) and Yahoo gives you 4MB of email storage (they've never deleted my account for inactivity), Google will give you 1GB of email storage space for life. Their idea is that most people who use free email services probably won't even send and receive a gigabyte of email in their lives, so every email they ever see can be stored for later recall. And Google can enhance this with what they do best, organizing information and providing search tools for finding what you seek.

Personally, I store every email I've ever sent or received. It's a sort of electronic journal for me, a window on the past that lets me see exactly what I was complaining about on any arbitrary date in the past decade. Ahhh, the memories.