Thursday, March 11, 2004

Extreme film criticism

Upset at the cinematic treatment of her imaginary friend, a woman watching the money-shot crucifiction fetish scene in The Passion Of The Christ had a heart attack and was pronounced dead minutes later at a nearby hospital. This just goes to show that Christian porn (with its unhealthy sadomasochistic focus on death, disfiguration, shame, and guilt) is as unhealthy as any other. Seriously... if only religion encouraged people to care as much about doing good as they do about feeling good, people would be much healthier.

I don't often agree with the Jesuits on many things, but one commonality in our thoughts is that if you truly want to understand Christianity, you truly need to understand the horror of the crucifixion. But the average Christian doesn't understand anything about their own religion... they are just a member in a club that splits them apart, makes them purchase happiness with the pain of guilt... they don't make any progress, but they get to feel like they've done something, not realizing that all they did was shore up the walls of the hole they dug for themselves. Christianity is based on blood, not on peace. It is singularly sad that modern Christians get so bent out of shape when this is pointed out to them.

For the record, before you go type me some more hate mail, I am not singling out Christians for any special abuse - I'm pretty disgusted by any belief system that allows people to feel good about doing bad things. Today's rant was, however, inspired by today's headline, so Christians are on the menu today. In addition I've been a bit concerned that the anti-Semitic sensationalism in Gibson's film, combined with the rabid self-righteousness of many Christians, will lead 'decent God-fearing Christians' to become more hateful and less tolerant, and since such people already have a stranglehold on much of my country's government their madness has the ability to affect my life pretty directly.