Sunday, February 15, 2004

what a friend we have in jesus

A rape victim who was given a prescription for a "morning-after" pill was denied the prescription by three pharmacists on 'religious grounds'. The pharmacists, who seemed to think that their personal philosophies gave them the right to pick and choose which drugs they dispensed, have a history of this sort of thing, but felt they did nothing wrong, saying "we prayed about it". The pharmacists were fired... I think they should have their licenses revoked. (Actually my first thought would be the stockades, but unfortunately we don't have that recourse anymore).

Suppose you went to a McDonald's and ordered a burger, and the guy at the window wouldn't sell it to you because he was a vegetarian? Or the video clerk wouldn't let you rent "Schindler's List" because he believes the holocaust never happened? How is it that people's minds have been poisoned to the point that they actually perceive their hateful acts as being well-intentioned, and how is it that the people around them have been so fucking lobotimized that they accept this sort of behavior?