Thursday, February 19, 2004

Ramble on

I couldn't figure out what the hell this page was about, but regardless of how nonsensical it is, someone must have put quite a bit of energy into it. The author appears to have started out developing a complex sort of role-playing game, then lost his mind. Here's a bit from the middle, with the original (lack of) punctuation:

I prefer to write new ideas on top of old ideas; but, what's considered normal way of writing, you're supposed to put new ideas after old ideas, giving the reader window on how the ideas are developed (as the normal way of writing). BUT, IF I WERE TO DO THAT, ALL OF MY MOST interesting ideas would be @ the end & be left unread, as most have tendency to give up understanding my rpg HYBRID after the first few pages, when the most interesting stuff is @ the end, at least that's how it's supposed to be (if I were to write in a normal manner) that being the most developed rules would be @ the end, if I were to follow the rules of proper rules of grammar, but maybe I'll more proper grammar in my next update, maybe next year in my 2004 update, by which time, hopefully, my grammar will have improved somewhat. But, since the rest of the human race puts the introduction 1st & the conclusion @ the end, well, I decided adjust or evolve (not that I believe "fully" or "completely" in Darwin's Evolution, since the choices life-forms make plays a part in how the kaleidoscope of different evolutionary paths, "but that's getting beside myself" (I think that latter part or the quote is from a professor @ CIT or California Institute of Technology where he took part in PBS series "The Mechanical Universe" (my 2nd favorite television series, right after 'Dr Who', though the 1st tv program that I really enjoyed as a child was, well, (I forget the name), it was sponsored by 'Mutual of Omaha' on the animal kingdom, as I'm a great fan of National Geographic, but not much of an outdoor person, as I'm not much of a rugged person, but, again, "I'm getting besides myself", again.

At the top of the page, the author starts by asserting that the thoery of relativity derives from Hamlet. In the middle, he figures out that many strange political and cosmological forces have their roots in Mormonism. (I think he's probably right about that.) Somewhere toward the bottom of the 500 or so pages of strange musings and equations, in which the author asserts many times that various plot devices in movies and television shows were stolen from his work, he somehow deduces that inflation is caused by feminists, although he concedes that it may have something to do with limited resources and supply & demand as well.