Saturday, February 07, 2004

Pinkos on the frontlines

How is it that so many Americans support this administration's war in Iraq, when even the soldiers on the frontlines oppose the effort?

"What I want to say as my final statement to America is 'Stop letting your proud men and women die so senselessly. If we are going to die for our country let it be for something we can really be proud of. I just don't see us making the US any safer from terrorists because of what we are doing in Iraq. Bring us back home so we can defend the US from real threats to our shores.'"

"Yeah, I pretty much agree with that. I am proud to serve my country and even die for it. I know the risks of putting on the uniform and accepting command. But damn it, if we are going to die, make it for something that really is helping to defend the US. I agree that we are dying senselessly for an idea of democracy in Iraq that the US government will never really let happen. I just want to be able to look back on my service with total pride and that is not really what I feel right now. I hate the ones in power that have made me question my sense of duty and honor."

It amazes me that people can continue to wave their fucking flags when the bill of rights has been dismantled by the 'Patriot Act', the presidency was handed to a fucking idiot by his daddy's friends in the Supreme Court, and (among many other violations and reductions of freedom) the government is collecting data on anti-war activists. It's getting harder and harder to keep from making comparisons to Nazi Germany... and the way things are going, it might soon be a crime to do so. Is this the America we've been working for? Is this the Grand Experiment? It looks like the same old despotic bullshit to me.