Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Personal Update, 11 February 2004

Well, it's been a week since I had my radio-frequency oblation procedure done - they burned three nerves, right at the spine. For a couple of days I was in less pain, but the last three days have been the worst days I've had, painwise, in this whole four year ordeal. I'm taking a lot of meds and trying not to move too much. The pain was changed somehow by the procedure... I'm not really sure how, I just know that the various things that provided me any relief no longer work, and I hurt in places where I didn't even know I had places.

In the adding-insult-to-injury department, I came down with strep throat a few days ago, which is interfering with my baseline misery. I'm having a hard time remembering what comes next: is it the plague of locusts, or does famine come first? Locusts? I think it's the locusts. Bring 'em on.

The house proceeds slowly; I've only been able to make it upstairs once in the last two weeks. Anne-Marie has been spackling up the sheetrock. I rarely leave the bed, so as much as I would like our home to be finished I'm not real excited about the prospect of moving into our upstairs bedroom... stairs are bad, mmkay. Anne-Marie found some sucker to take the huge rhody out of the front yard, so we now have A Hole there instead, but I can tell AM is getting geared up for her spring gardening so that won't last long.

We spend a lot of time lying in bed watching movies. We just watched a bunch of surprisingly good movies: some of the Ken Burns Jazz documentary, American Splendor, Lantana, and Lost In Translation (which I thought had the best soundtrack since Donnie Darko). I think we finally finished the last of the Buster Keaton films, though I still watch "The General" and "The Playhouse" a couple of times a week... the guy was brilliant.

I've been remarkably slack in returning emails... I got a joyous unexpected email from an old friend (hi Stefene) and in addition to replying to that, I need to write Rick and Lisa and Ann and Caitlin and Paige and I owe Julie something like a book worth of letters by now. I promise that as soon as I have enough non-complaint things to justify the energy of typing, I'll write. Until then, you get this ghetto update.

I've been reading about paper-folding, doing some photomanipulation of the pictures coming from NASA (I found color and displacement maps of Mars, so in addition to doing 3D bump-map rendering I can use the displacement maps to see what Mars would look like if it had water on the surface... I'll post these when I am done), and I wrote a program to explore iterated function systems (ditto on the pictures soon). I think a bit slower medded up, but then again I've got nothing but time and not too much to prove, so I'll just continue with these things at my slow speed.