Saturday, February 28, 2004


South Korea's third-largest credit card issuer fired a quarter of its workforce (161 people) with mobile phone text messages yesterday... giving them 24 hours (from the time the message was sent) to arrange a voluntary retirement package, if they chose to.

"The layoff date is February 28," the message said, according to a member of the union. "We will receive applications for voluntary retirement package until February 28."

In the company's (admittedly meager) defense, those fired were on strike, with "marathon negotiations" having just failed, and the company claims that other means of contact would not have been successful at reaching the majority of the employees so quickly. While I can understand that (only because I have accepted a priori the dehumanizing forces in the workplace), there's going to be some former employees who have extremely unresolved hostilities... it wouldn't surprise me if we hear of this company again, when a former employee returns to express their displeasure with the way things turned out.