Friday, February 20, 2004

I'm gonna make a fortune selling tin-foil hats

Remember all of a few weeks ago when pResident Bush boldly spoke of leading America into space, with a base on the moon and a manned mission to Mars, and some of us said this was just a thin layer of flag-waving stretched over Reagan's ideas about militarizing space? An Air Force report from last November makes militarization of space a priority for the Pentagon, to ensure that America can 'never be challenged in orbit'. And how do we go about making sure nobody puts weapons in space? Easy: put our own weapons up there, for our own safety. The resulting "capability to strike ground targets anywhere in the world from space" mentioned in the report is probably just a lucky side effect of that, I guess, and not the whole fucking reason for the space program like some conspiracy theorists believe.

Read the report... and this other one where Herr Rumsfeld warns of an impending 'space Pearl Harbor'. Also, see your tax dollars at work, as the Air Force develops a blimp, 25 times the size of the Goodyear blimp, that hauls around a giant mirror so the military can bounce ground-based lasers down onto our enemies. Are you starting to clue into the fact that these people are fucking insane?

Personally, I'd feel a lot better about Bush and his friends boldly leading us forward... if we weren't standing before the brink of destruction.