Friday, February 20, 2004

If you're going to San Francisco...

Somebody called up a San Francisco florist, and ordered flowers to be delivered to any random couple standing in line to get married in what will probably be a brief period of legal gay/lesbian marriage before the conservative hammer falls.

He called a florist and they agreed to do it. He told them to deliver to any couple -- it didn't matter who -- standing in line to get married, with his blessing. The card will read simply "With love, from Minneapolis, Minnesota."

Once they understood, they were very touched and thought it was a great idea.

He told another co-worker who did the same thing. And now we want to start a movement. Wouldn't that be cool if people from all over the country, gay, straight and otherwise, started sending flowers to the people waiting in line to get married.

BoingBoing picked up the story, and reader Darren Barefoot got the idea that someone should organize an effort to save on the monumental shipping fees and allow people to pitch in less than the $47US that bouquets are going for in SF. A few hours later he figured out that he was that someone, and the result is Flowers for Al and Don, which collected over $900 in about four hours last night.

Meanwhile, the city of San Francisco is suing the state of California to challenge the three parts of the state constitution that define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, churches in SF are following City Hall's lead in granting same-sex marriage licenses, Der Governator is sticking to the conservative line, and Sandoval County, New Mexico, has started issuing same-sex licenses as well, saying it has nothing to do with "politics or morals" - New Mexico law defines marriage as a civil contract between contracting parties, without mentioning gender. pResident Bush said he was "troubled" by same-sex weddings in SF and by legal decisions in Massachusetts that could clear the way for same-sex marriage, but characteristically declined to grow a spine and make a declarative statement... election years are soooo tricky.