Sunday, February 15, 2004

Digitial pimping, eBay style

It's good to see that good old fashioned ingenuity is helping people through these difficult economic times. A chap on Ebay came up with a good business plan: for the winning bidder, he would provide faked-up love letters and make two phone calls to their friends to confirm that yes, the winning bidder had indeed slept with him, a reasonably attractive published author. The bidding was open to males or females, and while the final bid was only $21.50, the capital outlay and actual time spent on the transaction is next to nothing, so the guy made $20 for a half-hour of reasonably enjoyable deceit.

I wonder if there's a similar market for people like me, a reclusive near-death brilliant depressed technonerd. For $50 I'll tell all your friends I fixed your computer, or helped you with your math homework or something. Or for $20, I'll tell them you *don't* know me, wouldn't come near me.