Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Score one for the good guys

There have been numerous times that I wish to put a link in a post, but the link is to a site that requires 'registration', i.e. at least nominally a chance for them to get you onto another junk email list. I've personally got throwaway accounts at most of those sites, where I make a bogus hotmail email account, use that email to sign up at the site, then forget the hotmail account. Well the folks at BugMeNot have decided to help you bypass compulsory web registration, by starting a database of open accounts at annoying sites, like the New York Times. I don't go a day without trying to follow a Slashdot link that ends up going to the NYT, and I usually just forget about it over the hassle. If you'd like to donate an open account, go to and enter it into their database.