Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Minor de-newbification: RSS 0.92

Thanks to the folks at Wytheville Community College, who are hosting a public RSSify script, this blog now has an RSS 0.92 feed. If you don't know what that means, don't sweat it... if you do know and more importantly care, the XML link on the left menu takes you there.

For the record, since I'm doing the low-tech blogging route and don't have (or have need for) a Palm Pilot, I've found a free aggregator that lets you subscribe to RSS feeds for a more condensed overview sort of web experience. Bloglines has given me no troubles, and seems foolproof... they've even got an "Add to Bloglines" bookmarklet for adding pages you stumble across, plus searchable lists of sites with known feeds. Power to the people.

P.S. Unfortunately the feed doesn't pay attention to the titles of my posts... it just gices the first few words of the post as the title. I'll see if I can resolve that issue - it might even get me off my butt to make a real CSS 2.0 feed instead of using the canned free ones.