Saturday, January 10, 2004

Mars update, 10 January 04

The rover stood up and rotated its front wheels into place. Further attempts to move the airbag out of the way of the front ramp were not successful, so it is most likely they will rotate the rover 120° to the right to drive off of the right-hand ramp. Early images from the miniature thermal emission spectrometer (mini-TES) show the presence of carbonates, but it's too early to tell whether they are the result of atmospheric moisture of evidence of an ancient waterbed.

NASA has released the first data pack for Maestro, the software that lets you follow the Mars mission in much the same way as they do at NASA. There are some very cool pictures in this datapack.

Read about how Bill Nye the Science Guy talked NASA into including the 'MarsDial' on the rover (more info here), then visit the Planetary Society to find out how to build your own EarthDial.