Sunday, December 21, 2003

Get 'Happy'

I've written before about Mark Osborne's phenomenal animation short 'More', which shows not the dystopian future but rather the dystopian now, where people live empty lives slaving away in little cubicles to get money to buy junk that they have become convinced is essential to life. The video has been difficult to obtain for awhile... I purchased it from Ifilm years ago, back when you could get full-screen downloads for $5.

Fortunately Mark Osborne has started a website where he will soon be marketing a DVD containing 'More' and a documentary about the making of the animation. If you are a cube-dweller, or anyone stuck in any sort of dehumanizing demoralizing job, you need to see this film. If the comedy film 'Office Space' made you cry, you really need to see this film.

Get Happy Product