Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Going... going... gone.

After a hectic week of talking with mortgage brokers and realtors and home inspectors and architects and civil engineers, we decided to take the advice of our friends and withdraw our offer on the house. This is a bit disappointing, but I think that it is The Right Decision. I'm not really looking forward to the resumption of the house hunt though :/

We really liked that house. When we first walked in, we felt like we were home. There was just that one little problem, though... we needed to add (at the very least) a couple of dormers to increase the headroom upstairs. This could be a reasonable project, if things went smoothly. It could also turn into a life-draining money-pit nightmare if they didn't.

Given that I am *we* are currently engaged in the full-time project of dealing with my health problems, the additional burden of making that particular house fit our lives would be a bit too much. I am still sad to see it go. Tomorrow we are going out to search for a home that more closely matches our dreams.