Monday, September 08, 2003

Dust free

Burning man was great, of course. The creativity and beauty and love per square mile there exceed that of any other place I've ever been. It's difficult, if not actually impossible, to explain what it is like to people who haven't been there: like explaining 'blue' to someone without sight. It's even difficult explaining things to people who were there, if they didn't see the same thing or have the same experience... it's bigger than words. It's bigger than thought, too... I find that my memories have already succumbed to some level of abstraction, making the experiences smaller so they fit inside my head. They are still beautiful, sparkling, lovely...

Anne-Marie and I camped our way home, taking a few extra days to visit anyplace on the way that had a description involving the word 'water'. Goose Lake, Summer Lake hot springs, Odell Lake, McCredie hot springs... we camped next to rivers and lakes, in forests and stars. I wish my whole life were like that.

Now we are home. I spent a few days in bed, 'recovering' from the whole thing (I say 'recovering' because I am not in fact recovering, I am just readjusting to my usual level of poor health. Anne-Marie woke me up to go look at a house that is for sale in one of the neighborhoods we want to live in... it is very nice. I think we could make a home there.

Oh yeah: somewhere in there I had a birthday. So did five or six of my friends. HBTYHBTYHBD_HBTY.

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I always feel like somebody's watching me.


It got a little dusty.