Monday, August 11, 2003

*** whew ***

Sharon and Scott's wedding was excellent - 85 or so of their friends and family gathered together in a vineyard to share their love for one of the coolest couples I know. Sharon was radiant; I had been a bit worried (when I heard talk of hairdressers and makeovers and dress fittings and The Quest For The Shoes), but when she came out I was floored, she looked like a Gothic (as in era, not as in Black Horde) princess. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post here before too long.

The ceremony was conducted by Chris, who like myself is a minister in the Universal Life Church... in fact, he got his license specifically for this event. He was an excellent choice - his attentiveness and his sense of humor were noteworthy. I got to talk with him and his mate Gege (a French nickname... in English it would be something like 'Zhejh', not 'Geegee') quite a bit, and it was a pleasure the whole time... I know many people that are interesting, intelligent, friendly, and humorous, but it is rare that I meet people who have all of these qualities in abundance. I hope that I'll see them again.

Anne-Marie and I were honored that Sharon wore the necklace and earrings we made for her. We didn't plan on her wearing it for the wedding; we just thought quite a bit about Sharon and what she was into and what would look good on her, and we did the best we could to make something that fit. Sharon was aglow - she has alot of spirit, a joy to see and a joy to know.

I met quite a few people at the wedding and the subsequent gatherings, friends of Sharon and Scott from back east, everyone from college buddies to childhood friends. Brian, Scott's best man (who flew in from Ireland), told a great story about when Scott and Sharon met. Sara, one of Sharon's bridesmaids and college friends, was great to talk with, and amusing when she screamed everytime the ball approached her in The Great Pingpong Battle the day after the wedding. I was heepmotized by Stephanie, a friend of Sharon's since they were 3 or so; she is a marketer from Jersey who I made the mistake of not talking to until late in the day, when I discovered that she was amazing... we seemed to have alot in common, not in terms of interests or experiences, but in terms of the way we related to the world. Another Chris (the mother of the Martell clan) and I had a good time hanging out on the garden bench and watching the humans at play.

I also got in some quality time with more permanent friends... some happy times for the memory banks. It's always great to hang with Jennifer, and I finally got to meet her mate, the (until now, for me) mythical Billy, from Chicago. Joshua Gosiak came down from Port Townsend, and impressed us all with his smoooooth dancing. Zannah dragged me out on the dance floor for a few songs. Scott and Sharon, both looking very relieved once the ceremony was over... Sharon gathering her long wedding dress in her hands and dancing with everyone, bare feet flashing below silk. And always Anne-Marie...

My health has been slightly better this last month (and there was much rejoicing). Tomorrow I return to the Pain Management Clinic for whatever happens next... hopefully we'll come up with something that fixes the problem, so I can get out into the world for more of these experiences.