Thursday, August 21, 2003

That 70's Nation

Ok, listen people, especially young people: you may not have been around in the 70s, but I was, and it SUCKED. The clothing was bad, the music was bad, everything was bad. Everyone who wasn't doing coke was praying for the decade to end. It was the American Renaissance, where instead of developing the arts or technology or (shudder to think) a fucking culture, the American people worked together to push the boundaries of tackiness to levels undreamed of before.

So, the point: those women's shirts that are coming back into fashion, those 70's-inspired one-shouldered or off-the-shoulder rayon travesties that the marketroids have convinced legions of women to start wearing again, those WERE UGLY THE FIRST TIME. The worst part is that people are only wearing those clothes because the clothing designers ran out of ideas, and they had already raped the 60's for all it was worth, so it was only natural that they move on to the 70's... and once they had injected their carefully crafted marketing campaigns into the consensus narrative, all of the sheep started lining up to buy This Years Crap.

The Matrix wants women to have this sense of desperation regarding their looks, because that desperation fuels a few of the largest industries in the world. Anne-Marie and I went into a mall (for the first time in years) a few days ago, and in the large department stores we saw acres of clothing and makeup for women, and usually there was a corner somewhere for the men's clothes. To me, the women in those stores looked like bees, flitting from item to item, driven by some imperative they were unaware of, or perhaps they were aware of it and they just accepted it as 'reality'.

I'll clue you in on a secret the marketers don't want women to know - all of those ads, all of the contents of those 'beauty' magazines, all of the clothes and makeup, all of the subtle ways in which the Matrix tells women how they have to look, all of that shit can be replaced by one simple rule:

A happy woman is beautiful.

That's it, all of it, period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something.