Thursday, June 12, 2003

Suddenly Everything Sucks

There have been a couple of replies to my Slashdot post...

Seriously dude, get pro counseling. I say this as a friend, and as someone who has been thru the wringer personally as well. Get yourself healed mentally. Best of luck to ya.


You should have left [earlier]. You are now in the same situation (no job) but the stress level that led up to it has left you scarred. Know when to hold them... know when to fold them...

They are both right, of course... and it is good to hear some kind words, even if the kind words are in reference to me being fucked up.

I can still think rationally about the whole thing, but emotionally I am just so burned out and tired that I find it hard to see any good in the future. My experience at Tek left me drained and bitter... but it somehow fit in with the rest of my life... or at least it seems that way to me now. It's possible that I have just brainwashed myself into seeing the negative in everything... but then again it's possible that everything really sucks, and I see it clearly. Alot of the people I know who think they are happy are clearly delusional, or have truly privileged lives without much to complain about.

Suddenly Everything Sucks