Monday, June 30, 2003

Machines of loving grace

We had a dinner party tonight, and for a couple of hours I was in the joyous position of being the sole male in a room with five beautiful women... for awhile there life seemed pretty nice. Caitlin, who we met on a Green Tortoise trip to Baja, is in Portland for a few weeks, another stop on her amazing summer of volunteer work for various organizations all over the country prior to returning to the Bay area to start grad school at Berkeley. Paige, who we also met on the Baja trip but who lives in our town, was present, as were Samantha (Anne-Marie's sister) and Jen, a friend of ours, and of course the incomparable Anne-Marie.

Unlike other times I have mentioned in these pages, I really felt like I connected with everyone... there was so much beauty, so much love, such good people to share some time and space with... when the night was over I was left feeling honored to have been a part of the interactions with these people.

Halfway through the night Anne-Marie left to pick up Hannes at the airport... he's a friend of ours from Germany, currently travelling in the Americas (Ecuador for three months, now here). Hannes lived here in Portland for 4 years before returning to Germany to finish his schooling. He's an electrical engineer, who hasn't had the life beat out of him by the system (yet). Hannes is in town for a few weeks; he's planning on going to the country fair with us, just like the good old days.

Coming soon: Califone is returning to Portland... I can hardly wait for this show. These guys are the best damn music I have heard in a long time, funky ethereal American South porch music with cough-syrup haze, yet somehow pulling it all together into a coherent whole that blows your mind. Tim Rutili and Ben Massarella have somehow figured out how to insert silences between the notes that carry as much weight as the notes themselves. Every time I listen to them I discover something new, some thread that suddenly jumps into the foreground and changes everything about the song. Beautiful.

Time to sleep, and dream of beautiful friends.