Saturday, May 31, 2003

Diary of a lab rat

I went to the doctor today... she adjusted my various drugs, and added some new ones. I'm sort of in a holding pattern until I get in to the pain management clinic in July; the doc is trying to get me accustomed to the idea that I may have this pain for the rest of my life, and the only thing they may be able to do for me is find some combination of drugs and procedures that achieves a balance somewhere between "in pain all the time" and "stoned all the time". Oh the joy.

It is strange watching how my perceptions change when I am laid up. Time seems to stretch out quite a bit... I'll send email to someone, and if it takes them a couple of days to reply I feel like it was an eternity. I'll check at like 12:05am, then again at 10pm and be surprised that it is the same comic; the days are just too long. I think I am wired incorrectly... it would sure be nice if the good times seemed to last forever, and the times that sucked just flew by.